Our Story


What started as just a mom trying to figure out how to help her children with their emotions, Smooth Sailing Co. has come full-circle and blossomed into practical and accessible tools for families of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. 

Our story begins 24 years ago, when Pam was blessed with the birth of her second child, Kim. Already the mom to a two-year old son, Pam was on a mission to raise her children equipped with the strategies and tools that would help them proactively navigate their emotions. Without many tools available, Pam had to create her own. She started with purchasing whatever children's picture books she could find and used the pictures to support her own discussions with her children. Learning along the way, Pam would highlight the self-controlled responses in the books she found while also discussing the un-regulated responses the books also displayed, so that her children could visualize and grasp the concepts at a level that they would understand. After a while, Pam began sharing her techniques with her fellow mom-friends and was eventually encouraged to create her own children's books so that others could easily replicate similar conversations with their children.

On the other hand, as Kim grew up, she developed a deep love of children and was very intrigued with all of the things that help foster positive development. Out of this interest, Kim eventually majored in Psychology. Though still unsure of which area she wanted to pursue graduate studies in, Kim decided that she would spend some time in the classroom (eventually earning an MEd in Elementary Education along the way). Through tears and laughter, it was in the classroom that Kim understood what the true ingredients were for children's success: healthy boundaries, lots of love, and opportunities to learn in hands-on ways. Many of the strategies and scenarios come from her time as a teacher inspired by the every day happenings that she was privileged to be part of. 

Fast-forward to 2020, we teamed up to combine our skills and experiences to bring Pam's vision to reality...and so Smooth Sailing Co. was born! As we embark on this journey, we are excited to partner with and serve the many families through all the tides of life. 

Life isn't always smooth sailing, but we are eager to learn and grow alongside you and the rest of our wonderful community!